FORUM DETAILSASEAN Forum in Year of Climate action #CAF2018

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Open Asia Pacific Region Meeting – with World Urban Parks speakers pic

Conference audienceIGRIP 2017 – 3 Day Conference Delegates and Master class Attendee
Mr. Digby White, WUP CEOMr. Digby White, CEO

World Urban Parks on benchmarking parks

Speech by Prof KenMr Ken Yeang, Eco Architect Principal TR

Hamzah and Yeang

igrip conference speakers IPRS-WUP Asia Pacific Congress in Singapore representing 10 countries
green in future with Prof. KenMr. Ken Yeang with Green in Future team, Dr.Paru and Anchana
Conference audience Over 200 Conference delegates and Masterclass participants made the event a BIG success
MOU signing off World Urban Parks WUP and Parks and Leisure Australia PLA
event speaker list Successful #igrip2017 IPRS-WUP Asia pacific congress