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10th IFLA Asia-Pacific region Landscape Architecture Awards

IFLA Asia-Pacific region Landscape Architecture Awards, also known as IFLA ASIA-PAC LA Awards provide an international platform to showcase and promote the achievements and work of landscape architects in the Asia-Pacific region. The prestigious awards aim to create continuous awareness and recognition of landscape architecture together with like-minded partners and other professions that have played a key role in shaping our cities and environment towards a better future.

The 18-member jury panel comprises of presidents of IFLA national associations and IFLA regional presidents, and two special guest jurors. With the objective of setting distinction for this IFLA Asia- Pac LA awards, it was important that the jury panel is a regional composition of highly acclaimed and respected individuals with years of experience and deep understanding of respective culture and indigenous context.

The awards brief was crafted with the opportunity to embrace local and regional diversity, aimed at
collective exchanges of landscape architecture practice across different cities. Through the nine distinct award categories, IFLA Asia-Pacific region is committed to showcase a more vibrant inter- disciplinary landscape, strengthening international recognition and optimising professional design awareness for business opportunities across neighbouring shores and borders.

The awards will be presented at the IFLA Asia- Pacific Regional Congress in Bangkok from 2nd – 5th November 2017.
In addition, IFLA Asia-Pacific region is introducing the IFLA Asia-Pac LA Luminary Award 2017. It is IFLA Asia-Pacific’s inaugural and highest honour accorded to its regional luminaries who have inspired and made significant contribution in protecting, championing, advocating, enhancing and/or sustaining the living environment and communities in their profession, region, countries or cities. This award is held in conjunction with the IFLA Asia-Pac LA Awards.