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Is Reclaimed Wood Carbon Neutral?

centennial woodsAt the International Green Building Conference IGBC 2017 Singapore, Centennial Woods exhibited their Reclaimed wood and sponsored the Wall Art Pieces & Green Flooring for the VIP Lounge of BEXAsia.

The US-based supplier holds the largest source of reclaimed wood in the World and explains how their reclaimed wood is 100% carbon negative and sustainable. (more…)

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Dr Jeff Obbard: Keeping our Stomachs Full in a Warming World

dr jeff obbard

Food production is fundamentally linked to predictable seasonal weather patterns, which in turn, are the expression of stable climatic systems around the world. These systems are now shifting – thanks to the unrelenting emission of greenhouse gases and the gradual warming of our atmosphere. Fossil fuel combustion coupled to major disturbances of the world’s natural carbon sinks (forests, wetland, and peatlands) is now threatening global food security – just when there are more mouths to feed on the planet than ever before.

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Green Workshops 2017 Highlights

Green Workshops Connect with Nature #learnsgGreen workshops: Connect with Nature workshops designed for elders and seniors, organized by Green in Future #greeninfuture, include making a terrarium, tips, and practices for a greener Lifestyle and also enjoy Nature!!

Grateful to partner with Lifelong Learning Institute, a project supported by #LearnSG seed fund. Every Day, A Learning Day! #learnsg #connectwithnature #greeninfuture Venue: Yio Chu Kang Wellness Centre #AWWA

Thank you AWWA for working with us to reach the elders

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Ebm-papst S-Force Compact Fans

ebmpapst sforce compact fansEbm-papst is the globally leading supplier of motors and fans. By providing optimum application and system solutions to manufacturers of Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Ventilation, Heating, Household and Electronic Cooling Equipment, ebmpapst has developed into a global market leader within its specific market segment and has now been maintaining its outstanding position for many years. Starting at the concept phase, materials and processes are designed to achieve maximum environmental compatibility, energy balance and recyclability.


Terrarium: A Perfect Green Christmas Gift

gift wrapped terrariumSearching for the perfect Christmas Gift? Go Green !!!

Gift a terrarium. And engage in a relaxing and creative activity this festive season.

A terrarium is a mini garden in a bottle.

Terrarium making is super simple and at Green in Future, our professional terrarium designer provides step by step instructions to create your own terrarium. Register at our workshop.

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Connect With Nature

connect with nature, green workshopsGreen Workshop for the Elderly – Connect to Nature:


  • Connect with Nature workshops designed for elders and seniors, organized by Green in Future #greeninfuture 
  • The entire program aims to provide a healthier mind and a relaxing environment.
  • Create environmental awareness to adopt a Greener lifestyle and connect with Nature.
  • Organize therapeutic green workshops customized for the elderly and help them improve their memory, motor skills and reduce tensions.