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Marketing Services


  1. Lead Generation
  2. Social Media Amplification
  3. Branding Awareness
  4. Client Engagement

1. Lead Generation:

  • Create awareness of the product, company and service.
  • Generate targeted leads and Notified by email for enquiries.
  • Integrated with email, Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.

2.Social Media Amplification

  • Product related posts and user shareable content updates.
  • Social Ad and Promo campaigns to a niche audience.
  • Review weekly and modify campaign based on results.

3.Branding Awareness:

  • Awareness of the brand through exclusive write-ups
  • Promotional banners in website
  • Email Campaign EDMs
  • Advertorial in Newsletter

4.Client Engagement:

  • Provide networking opportunities at Conferences and Seminars.
  • Business exposure to exhibitors at major events across Asia
  • Organize workshops / events for product launches/ services.