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BIM For Landscape

bim for landscape

BIM For Landscape

Author:Landscape Institute

BIM for Landscape will help landscape professionals understand what BIM means for them. This book is intended to equip landscape practitioners and practices to meet the challenges and reap the rewards of working in a BIM environment – and to help professionals in related fields to understand how BIM processes can be brought into landscape projects.

BIM offers significant benefits to the landscape profession, and heralds a new chapter in inter-disciplinary relationships.

Cities of Love

cities of love

Cities of Love
Valerie Ang and Tai Lee Siang

Valerie Ang and Tai Lee Siang travelled widely as part of the latter’s work and NGO’s commitments particularly in the green building movement with World Green Building Council, WorldGBC. For over 25 years, Lee Siang is an established architect, industry leader and is now the Chair of WorldGBC.

Valerie compliments Lee Siang through her incisive observations on global social changes.

Cities of Love aims to urge, persuade and provoke fellow residents of our earth to collectively shape the cities we live in. To achieve this, her residents must again uncover the reasons to love and therefore sustain her cities. To this end, Cities of Love tries to identify the ingredients that could possibly be the reasons for such active love.

When a city is filled by the people who love their cities, then can a city have a greater chance of advancing towards a better tomorrow. Love is a mighty force to be reckoned with.

Race for Sustainability


Race for Sustainability

Energy, Economy, Environment and Ethics
Author: Ken Hickson (Sustain Ability Showcase Asia, Singapore)

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“Even with the latest and best vehicles, machinery, technology and buildings, if we continue to use resources irresponsibly — if we continue to waste food, water and energy — we are not even in the race.”

This book looks at the sustainable issues and the accompanying opportunities, and leads readers on a fast track to clear the air and drive to a sustainable, low-carbon future. To focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency. To stop the burning and stop wasting resources. Read on and let the wealth of information in this book inspire you along your sustainability journey. Join the race and act soon.

A portfolio of stories, essays, profiles and case studies covering the four E’s of Sustainability: Energy, Economy, Environment and Ethics.

The Little Sustainable Landscapes Book


Little Sustainable Landscapes Book

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The Little Sustainable Landscapes Book aims to clarify and disseminate sustainable landscape management methods, and to catalyse their implementation across private and public sectors worldwide.

The book summarises current developments in landscape management, makes recommendations on policy, and explains the importance of landscape initiatives in achieving global goals related to sustainable development.

It has been produced in collaboration with world leading experts in agriculture and natural resources, including WWF, Eco agriculture Partners, The Nature Conservancy, IDH The Sustainable Trade Initiative, and The Global Canopy Programme.